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  Why eLearning?

Make Onboarding and Training Count:

Make onboarding and Training count: 

Employees who don’t get properly trained can become easily disengaged due to a lack of support. That’s why onboarding and continuous training is so important for employees.

MakeMyCourse offers a software solution that can help make the onboarding and training process as seamless as possible.


  • eLearning increases retention rates up to 60%, while retention rates of face-to-face training are just 8 -10% by comparison.


  • eLearning empowers businesses to regularly train staff, generating up to 26% more revenue per trained employee.


  • Online training is up to 60% faster than on-the-job or in-person training. And after a one-time setup, it’s always available and easy to implement for every new hire.  

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Eliminate Everyday Time Constraints:

On-the-job training—training new employees or having them shadow experienced staff members—can slow down operations and seriously impact your bottom line. 

In-person training takes time and effort; for the busiest industries like hospitality and retail, businesses may be forced to encourage new employees to figure it out on their own or learn by observing, resulting in recurring mistakes that impact revenue further.

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Increase Sales and Reduce Turnover

eLearning empowers businesses to regularly train staff, generating up to 26% more revenue per trained employee.

A recent  study revealed that implementing eLearning could also help boost employee engagement by up to 18%, resulting in decreased employee turnover and increased workplace morale.


”Through the help of MakeMycourse Drip has been able to make sure their products are being explained and sold in the right way"

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Consistent Training

Help prevent common mistakes from happening and creates repeatable training that reflects your business standards. Regular training also fosters employee development, resulting in a more engaged workforce.

Trackable progress

Managers often juggle multiple responsibilities. With an eLearning management platform, managers can ensure employee engagement in their training using an easy tracking system.

Support Rapid Growth

Scale comfortably with tools built for the challenges of a growing business. Standardize employee training, support growth, and best position organizations for lasting success.

Accessible training

MakeMyCourse software solutions allow for flexible training, with courses compatible on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Here is how it works:

Our goal is simple:

to help lower your training costs, increase employee performance and create a more sustainable and online training solution.


Customer Success Manager:
A dedicated MakeMyCourse professional helps tailor your software to best suit your business and facilitate the rollout process. Ongoing support ensures that we’re always with you, every step of the way.

Get 24/7 access to both our Learning Management System (LMS) and Course Authoring tools you can use to create using existing training materials. By keeping employees engaged, customer's needs and managerial expectations are met, quarter after quarter.

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