Here are some of the services and functions that are included when creating a course with us 


    Our Graphic designers will create a theme that fits the feel of your business and brand 

  • Multi Media

    We create a seamless multimedia course so that your training becomes fun and interactive


    We create custom animated or live-action videos.


    Check individual course progression to make sure all of your employees are progressing in the course 


    Choose how you want to test your course participants from our wide selection of different quizzes and tests

  • Cloud based

    It's in the cloud, right where you left it. Easy access wherever you are in the world.


    Preview your course before publishing it.


    Support Is available 24/7 via our dedicated team

  • Course sign up

    Simply give us a list of your course participants and we'll add them to our LMS

  • Reminders

    Automatic system for sending info to the course participant.

  • Progress Reports

    Individual, group and company level with statistics and completed templates.

  • Learning management System

    Course participant view where you can follow progression, communicate, get course certificates etc.

  • Student page

    Each student gets access to their individual student page where they have access to all of their courses and quizzes.

Access your course on any device!

Courses created with us work seamlessly on any device whether it be a tablet, phone, or computer.

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