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"With the help of MakeMycourse, we have been able to increase the effectiveness of our training"

It should be easy to train your employees

We help companies create mobile-friendly multimedia courses  that prepare employees for every aspect of the job


How are our courses made?

We have a full team of course experts, animators and graphic designers that will help create a course that fits your brand and its image. 


Make sure new employees are ready to handle every aspect of the job on their first day. 

Continued training 

We'll build courses that can handle all your training needs so that your employees can continue to grow with your company.

Contactless training

Our mobile-friendly online courses allow you to continue training and onboarding without the need for in-person training.

Learning Flexibility

E-learning allows for a more flexible schedule when it comes to education, making it far easier for individuals to increase their skill set while maintaining their regular work schedule.

Take control of your training

Managing training can be hard. Makemycourse makes it easy to optimize your training, manage employee progress, lower your bills, and stay on top of your business.

Cloud based

All of your courses can be Accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Educate and inspire!

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Phone: (805) 697-1942

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