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MakeMyCourse: what we do & why we care

E-learning has been around for over two decades, and didn’t take long until it became a hot commodity for employee training and onboarding. This blog provides an inside scoop of e-learning with MakeMyCourse and how our team is gearing up to help Ski resorts as an employer and support the employees involved in their organization in their employee training and development so we can help move their employee training forward.

What is E-learning?

E-learning is learning delivered electronically and can be accessed on any device that is connected to the internet.

MMC provides flexible online training solutions for ski resorts across the U.S. In addition to our unique LMS: learning management system our team creates video production courses with you. Our goal is to provide a one -stop-shop for all employee training needs. Our services allow employees operating in various roles of employment to have full access to comprehensive online training that can be dispersed over a large geographical area and accessed anytime that works for their schedule.

What separates MakeMyCourse.

When people think of E-learning they usually think of a platform where participants can login with their account and begin making progress through a course provided for them. With MakeMyCourse our time offers just that and the ability of creating educational courses by understanding our clients pain points. We help our clients create an employee training course from the beginning to end. We then implement the training modules to our LMS offering a student page for each participant and a facilitator account to guide the new employees through their new role so they feel comfortable and confident.

How It's Done

create a customized course that fits your employee training process and design engaging courses and quizzes that will be uploaded and then integrated to our LMS and ready to assign them to learners/participants. Learners can take these courses from any device with access to their student page and you (instructor/ facilitator can track their progress and guide them throughout the course journey.

The Four Formats of e-learning

  1. Synchronise learning: where the instructor and participants are connected to the internet and running through the course subject in real time)

  2. Asynchronous learning: Access the information at their own convenience The instructor provides a set of instructions and expectations from the participants and allows a set amount of time per group or individual to learn the course at their own pace. This allows accessibility from a mobile device at the participants own time and can be accessed from any where geographically with internet access

  3. Blended learning is a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous formats (allows for more flexibility and can be used for any learning goal) Ie. Due every week on Monday and well have a live webinar to go over the progress and set of instructions.

  4. Microlearning: All materials are split into small and easy to digest learning courses (3–5 minutes) so you can learn each step at a time)

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