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Karin Stolt Halvarsson

Åre VM 2019 - World Cup Company chief of media, in charge of volunteer training 

"With MakeMyCourse  creating

e-Learning is easy"

With the help of a digital course, the World Cup company in Åre trained all volunteers for the Alpine World Cup.


The tool is very easy to use for both the person building the course and the person who takes the course, says Karin Stolt Halvarsson, World Cup company media manager and volunteer manager.

How do you get 1,400 volunteers from 38 nations to quickly understand what is expected of them? Well, you create an interactive e-learning course, just like the World Cup company Åre 2019 AB did for the Alpine World Cup in Åre  February 2019. Using MakeMyCourse, the World Cup company put together digital training that met the training needs of volunteers and other personnel working. 


The course was made with texts, pictures, and video material, In addition, to different quizzes to ensure that the participants understood the information provided in the course. The course was done in both Swedish and English versions.

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